About the Facilitator

Terry Mueller

An avid student of life and human nature, Terry Mueller has been on the path as a healing facilitator for over 25 years.  

She's delved deeply into her relationship with food and has been researching and working with the topic for many years.  She created Transformation Goddesses in 2014 out of her deep desire to help women transform their relationship with food and heal the hearts broken because of that relationship.

She's skilled and certified in multiple modalities, including Licensed Massage Therapist, Hakomi Skills for Bodyworkers, Heavy Metal Detoxification and Anti-Aging Nutrition, The Lifeline, Touch for Health, Heart Centered Hypnotherapy and more.

She's created numerous workshops and her career includes bodywork with individuals who suffer from chronic pain and/or who have experienced trauma and abuse. 

She also currently facilitates Process Painting workshops and classes for both adults and kids.  For more information about that, go to processpainting.com.